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frenzo harami – tiny hands lyrics


[verse 1]
now he’s caught up in a warzone
mum knows that he might never come home
he walks alone on this long road
he’s been some places that you won’t go
they used to ship slaves by the boatloads
how many graves fam? we don’t know
man are dying over postcodes
i think shaitan’s got ’em in a chokehold
meanwhile kids are dying in yemen
a little girl crying, she’s seven
thinking bout my bruddas in palestine
and my sisters, they’re going through the saddest times
ic4, ic3, big bro, he just stepped on an ied
malnourished little girl, she’s just tryna eat
she’s got tiny hands and tiny feet
and the bombs have been dropping for like ninety weeks
they locked off the borders so the aid can’t reach
oh allah i’m just trying to teach
let me do good before i die in these streets

[verse 2]
now they fight for the boundaries
so she’s getting bombed by the saudis
she ain’t ever had a sweet, not a rowntree’s
she ain’t never seen a castle that was bouncy
she don’t know about war with the houthi’s
she don’t know about shia’s and sunni’s
i’m tryna levitate like the sufis
i’m tryna stay away from them groupies
i tell my akhis listen when i tell ’em
i made twenty in the trap, i sent it all to yemen
i’ve got a heart even though i’m a felon
that poor little girl just got shot in the melon
living in this cold world full of venom
the only comfort’s knowing that little girls go to heaven
poor little girl, she had a broken start
and her mum just died from a broken heart