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frio minds – back 2 da future lyrics


[intro: khalil the goat]
the ogs keep hating on the new generation
saying they miss the way it used to be
so i did y’all a favor, i built a time machine
we’re about to go back, back to the roots
(better get used to these bars kids)

[hook: khalil the goat]
let’s take it back to the future of hip-hop
youth with a big possibility to get shot
blessed with a gift just to only get the sh-t robbed
vultures took the culture
and they sold it ’til the sh-t popped (let’s take it back)
now that sh-t pop
now that sh-t pop
this is hip-hop (now it sound like pop)
this is hip-hop
just some kids tryna live but we feel odd
frio minds, we divine, this a gift from god

[verse: viziion]
let’s take it back to the future of hip-hop
all this fake rap, we too used to this sh-t, stop
face facts it’s nonsense, dumb us down a lot
time to take back our minds and be free, be me
be you, see things you do
believe in you, stop and see your truth
lost, let freedom rule!
ayy, they feed us bullsh-t i’m ignoring it (ayy)
soarin’ in the delorean, never worryin’ about nothing
’cause we some warriors
don’t need clout, f-ck it if they snorin’ on us
going hard at 4am in the mornin’
flow your bars (?) recordin’ takes and i drop man
ignoring the fake, now fall back
i’m going to say what’s honest
as hard as onyx, ayy
call it what you want to call it
this my art regardless, im’a keep on shinin’
findin’ ways to break up out these boxes
this matrix that we lost in
uh, take it step by step

[interlude: him paul]
gon take this sh-t back! back!

[verse: him paul]
i’m cold in the head like a soda pop
took an acid drop, then my mind flopped
fried, rewind the clock
thought i was a god, wait, but i’m the man like super
i’m back from the future to shoot you, it’s crucial
reverse time to lose you
circle back, confuse who?
take it back to old school
recess with no food
(?) on the left
future off the percocet
rewind me back like a c-ssette
frio minds is up next
if you catch what i am spitting
i’ll fill the words you’re (mittin?)
my squad is over-gifted
take you for a ride like trips and
back to the future, don’t fit in
get a taste of what i’m sippin’
kids off the bars, addicted
society’s afflicted, because the scripts encrypted
can’t listen to the depiction
if black the pigment of his skin, then he might fit the description
my kin be the egyptians, pyramid scheme is the system
i guess someone’s gotta fix it, can we complete this mission?
if i time travel with no clock, then him paul’s a paradox
take my time, shoot my shot
slide up on you like a tube sock
back to the wall, this is no game
back to the future of breaking chains
society will know my name, him paul got something to say
alright but listen my n-gga, you say you gangsta, but triggered
take a second, focus on the big picture
they want us hustlin’, stealin’
broke, dead, or in prison
packing weapons that’s lethal
bustin’, k!lling our people
we just target ourselves, but really they the ones that’s evil
line me up like free throw
take it back, make a sequel
revolution in my rearview
taking sh-t but they don’t hear you
they say they want real rap, well khalil give ’em a preview

[verse: khalil the goat]
let’s take it back to the last poets, jazz poetry
the revolution won’t be televised, they won’t show it, nah
they only show the coonery
they only show buffoonery
they never show the knowledge or the doctors or colleges
they only show the prisons that they pile us in
these politicians polishing, brainwashing the nonsense in
senate send these pennies to the penitenteries for centuries
whenever mentioning 2pac, they talk about some hennessy
but they don’t mention mutulu
oh-hoo the media done fooled you (thug life)
if you think outside the box
they gon’ call you “kuku” (he’s thinking!)
who’d knew i’d free my mind, frankenstein the screws loose! (ah!)
now i’m 22, i’ll hit you with the deuce-deuce
i pick a flow to pick apart these n-ggas arms like piccolo
best period (baaa)
flow mean, i’m on menstrual mode
rap look like a f-cking minstrel show
no i’m not saying white fans is racist
but basically they wonder what it’s like to trade places
and the industry caters to them so you ain’t getting plays
unless you rap about the same sh-t
banana clips, go ape sh-t
this monkey business
this sh-t more like a zoo than it is music
to them it’s just amusing
we’re not their muse
we’re just the mules making views
but when the kids love and do the sh-t we’re doing
blame famous rappers like they ain’t the ones who produce the sh-t
and kids rather listen to rappers than their dads
so if you got us trapped in the trap, that’s bad
’cause if it ain’t no hope for the youth then the truth is
it ain’t no hope for the future, stupid (stupid)