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funeral for a friend – stand by me for the millionth time lyrics


i’ve seen youth falter at the last f-cking hurdle
resentment of a homewrecker
resentment from a homewrecker
and i don’t need your sympathy
i know what you did to me

for a change i would like more, more tattoos
for a change i could like myself
cover up my flaws
wrap me in plastic
send me off downstream

the midtown rush and i’m stuck in line
waiting for a sign… p-ssing off metaphors
as conversation down some sh-tty f-cking phone line
and i can’t think of a better place to be
i wish i could be a better me


i’ve sat and watched stand by me for the millionth time
it’s a lifeline… i wish i was chris chambers
but in truth i’m more like vern and i’m okay with that