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fungus hill – year 2199 lyrics


[spoken word]
the year is 2199. the planet known as earth no longer sustain any of their previous lifeforms. it is a desert planet, filled with radiation and toxic g-sses. the remaining 350000 people of the human race has been in hiding inside the earth for 43 years. in a last desperate hope to save their race they have constructed an awesome rocket ship which will take them to a new planet in another solar system. planet proxema centauri b. the ship can only hold approximately 2500 p-ssengers. so the council of radical decisions will choose the individuals worthy of leaving earth to form the new era of humans. this new era will be a better era, where people are stronger, smarter and more capable to take on the burden of life on a foreign planet. once we have reached our new home world, the work will begin to terraform the planet to better fit the life of humans. this m-ssive project and will go under the name, cosmic construction on proxima b