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futuristic & michael minelli – mood swings (remix) lyrics


[intro: michael minelli & futuristic]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah)
whoo+hoo, yeah (shorty a lil’ baddie, you know?)

[chorus: michael minelli & futuristic]
shorty a lil’ baddie
shorty my lil’ boo thing
and shorty got the fatty (shorty got the fatty)
shorty be catching mood swings
every time i f+ck without a rubber (what you do?)
i nutted on the covers (that’s gross)
and i kept it undercover
’cause i don’t kiss and tell, nah, i don’t kiss and tell
[verse: futuristic]
yeah, mood swings got me second+guessin’
but that body been evolvin’ since our adolescence
you got your own address now when that sh+t impressive
you ain’t nothin’ like these other women that i mess with
i’m successful and i know i make that an obsession lately
but my time has been divided with this work
and you as crazy that you still trippin’
sometimes i think that you don’t want it and i feel different
i swear to god you had me sprung
but them late+night fights ain’t worth my sanity
i could be out rockin’ with someone who a fan of me
and you’ll be in here actin’ like you makin’ a man of me
but you wildin’, i can tell that you ain’t able to handle me
it’s true; no, i’ma do what i do, that’s always regardless
you’ll be insecure ’bout some other women that’s harmless
yellin’ at the fella, don’t know what that sh+t is causin’
but i’ma bend you over and lay you down on the carpet

[outro: michael minelli & futuristic]
oh my gosh (fail)
when you said “i nutted on the covers”— (ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha!)
ever so gently? i almost lost it, fam
listen, man, i hope you liked it, i hope the ladies liked it out there
the fellas, i hope y’all liked it
this is futuristic, my name is michael minelli
we’ll see you all tomorrow (sheesh! whoo!)