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felt – ghost dance deluxe lyrics

chorus [slug]: [x2]
ghost dance deluxe
eyes open
approach for the touch
my ocean is rough from the storm
and i hope that love will keep me warm
so i ask for a

[verse one: murs]
heard the rumors in the mist
does she really exist?
qualities to qualify, man i got a whole list
whispers in the hall ways
missin’ her always
talkin’ to myself
i don’t care what y’all say
fantasy phantom
this is your anthem
my mystery madam
disappearing at random
a band on her finger
i heard it traps the ghost
but she never lingers long enough for me to come close
when i catch miss perfect i’m gonna give her that ring
her friends keep tellin’ me there’s no such thing
but forget material girls
i need a paranormal chick from an ethereal world
thought i saw one once
and i just couldn’t deal
how could i commit when i know she’s not real?
standin’ by the sea with my ghost in a sh-ll
your flesh is flawed and i know this well
i must make my decision
p-ssin’ up the real deal, waitin’ on an apparition
and one day soon i’m gonna get it together
cause i can’t leave this night light on forever


[verse two: slug]
it’s no big deal
nothing to trip about
but i know it’s real
there’s one up in my house
she floats, flies, moves with grace
and she’s not just a side effect of my imagination
i can hear her voice in the air
it’s right there
it ain’t paranoia man, i swear
delicate little iris
i might be possessed from the glimpses i catch
i don’t run, i chase it
from every room from the attic to the bas-m-nt
i pursue
by virtue
got me up late, way past my curfew
stay awake
she’s on the staircase
not scared face
not one hair raised
it’s not even frightening
i love it when she sing
and i wonder what she might bring
ghost lady
you make me so crazy
you smell so good
and you look oh-mazing
i don’t just need you to want me
you got me
and i keep you to haunt me


- felt lyrics

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