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felt – i don’t know which way to turn lyrics

i don’t know which way to turn
all the lessons i have learned are
meaningless because i’m free to
deceive all who believed i deliver
best when i’m deprived of all the
things i need that’s just me can’t
you see that i despis integrity
and if it hurts to be so sure and
if you’re not as sure then surely
you should change your point of view
and if i was to say let’s change then
we would change today because change
is just a phase we all go through
when i’m up there on the stage i just hide my eyes and
pray that
soon enough the show will end
why do i go through this h-ll
each time i question myself but
next night i’m up there again
its the same as real life i want to
end that as well and if it’s wrong
then it’s right to me because i can see
the goodness in the things you’re
going to do it’s not a case of what is
right or wrong it’s just as long as
you can see what we were having to do

- felt lyrics

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