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felt – protagonists lyrics

i want you to work your way out upon that limb as far as you can… if you see anything strange, let me know…

verse 1:
back, without the pulse move, it goes one, two
whatchu gon do, where we come through
hit, undo whatever you must do
stay fly, get high and f-ck you

them felt boys are back, the boys of summer
and this time ya boy aes rock is the drummer
so tell the newcomers to run and get the other two
i heard we sold out, that must’ve been the other two

n-body move, n-body loses blood
whoever swooped you up should take you back to booster club
go ‘head, loosen up a couple brews
must’ve grew a sense of humor cause you used to be a super thug

we still spittin’ on that indie bullsh-t
legends, rhymesayers, def jux the full clip
we don’t miss, we aimin’ for the heart
your favorite group that wasn’t even a group to start

i tried to tell ’em but they wasn’t tryin to listen to me (listen to me!)
there was no other choice, i had to tell ’em give it to me (give it to me!)
i tried to tell ’em but they wasn’t tryin to listen to me (listen to me!)
i keep it civil, but right now i wanna kick in yo’ teeth

verse 2:
everything you love about rap in one diss
these internet rappers just beef over dumb sh-t
we all about the cash, we all about the women
what up though, you know we can’t forget ’em
but don’t you think we soft for one minute
we can still break yo whole crew off wit one sentence
who made you wanna rap and be independent
it’s felt m-th-f-ckas, if you want it, come and get it

who’s this, if the new shoe fits, i’ll take two kicks
truth is, without new hits, we all useless
get used to it, my crew swoop through it
like a sewer sewage unit just to produce music
you must be lunatic fringe
to think that you and your friends could ever screw with the wrench
got you climbin’ that aluminum fence
we ’bout to ruin yo’ plans and put these two in yo cents


verse 3:
we conquered this monster, just to fondle it
i put that on my honor and my politics, honest
it makes me wanna dip to where my momma lives
ponder my accomplishments, in between the ganja hits

we’re way bizarre, we shred the gnar
we’re above average, irregular
we’re one in a million, so run tell the children
it’s murs and slug and we back in the buildin

ill-strated and war for those who came up before
for those that tangled wit law, for those that gave it to war
for the ones that might’ve fell off or got lost
and for the ones that never made it across

(felt 3) felt 3, the final frontier
forget christina, should’ve chose pam grier
we’re here, and we ain’t goin nowhere
take yo hands off the steering wheel and throw ’em in the air


- felt lyrics

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