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frederick roussel – crack culture lyrics

crack culture

this sick crack culture someone tear it down
‘caus evil men they made it now
this crack culture made by evil men
wicked men evil men just evil men

solid gold telephone p-ssin’ it around
up steps the mobster, to the klansman now
little drug baron sittin’ in there now
it’s a secret meetin’ and we’re all invited now

this twisted little culture someone break it down
explain it to me baby how did we get here now
when will the mask come down

they get into the violence get into the hate
turn on another burn down in a rage
all in an anger baby, and in a fright
the crack klan is f-ckin’ behind it baby

confederates in exile, confederates in war
confederates in government, confederates in law
confederacy lost that civil war
couldn’t take it baby so they turned us into wh-r-s
kept it underground and it ain’t no secret how

when will the mask come down

when will the guns throw down

when will the flag come down

i hold a candle in my cold dead hand
ain’t no gun on me, just trunna be your friend

- frederick roussel lyrics

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