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free kitten – cleopatra lyrics

cleopatra is back in town
her boyfriend’s lost, and she is found
i disremembered the crime of your town
i disremembered you’re friends of mine
who is the boss? she doesn’t care
she doesn’t have, the time to spare
i disremember the dazzling sky
i disremember

cleopatra has been looking for you
running round with the cropston crew (?)
i disremember the time in your mind
i disremember
cleopatra trust in white
silent deadly, wicked bite
i disremember a blue fox died/down
i disremember the time and time
blacked out noise, and bullet badge
powder schemes, a little tread (?)
see you baby puff
see you baby puff
effen effen heavens above
don’t you kathleen’s in love
i disremember the darkest night
i disremember that you were mine

look baby puff
see you baby puff
see you baby puff
see you baby puff
effen baby puff

- free kitten lyrics

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