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free kitten – dick lyrics

[yoshimi] [kim] [julie]
na na na nanananana
i know a boy
he is a toy
i hate his name
his name is
his name is
his name is

what his name kim?
richard who?
richard curl (?)
oh, what does he like to do
he likes to take b–bies of people
poking themselves with holes. (?)
how attractive.

what his name kim?
his name is d-ck h-ll
what does he like to do,
he likes to yell.!

there a lot of richards
there’s richard… richard marks richard grayhall
carpenter richard danzen
there’s richard… richie rich
let’s goooooooo
richie sambora
there’s… karamatama
sir ralph richardson richard bound

richard prior
richard cunningham
richard richard loydd
riiiichard keith richards
you’re a d-ck!

he kim!
who are we? yeah?
we’re kitten!

and we’re better than you!

- free kitten lyrics

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