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free kitten – played yrself lyrics

[kim and julie]
i changed my face to make you smile
irrelevant cast in a plastic vile
buffed and ready for my close up please
take on another look up my sleeve
i gotta move on, the scenes have changed
got my feet on the ground
say you don’t know me but you’ll be wrong
say you don’t know me, you were wrong!
touch me/ feel me/ push me/ make me
i lucked out now, oh lord
never knew the rules of the game
yr always tryin’ to make me feel ashamed
don’t look now, my cheeks are high
my nose almost has a glare
i’d forgotten how to stand
when i used to bare
when i used to scare
lift me/ tuck me/ erase (lace?) me/ celebrate me
walking down the street
no one even stares
no one even cares
i’m gonna cry today
i have no feelings
in my nipples since they were raised
isolate your public.

- free kitten lyrics

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