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free kitten – revlon liberation orchestra lyrics

[backgroud loop: oppression killin’ me soft and s-xy]
yo reverent reverent let kim and julie take over
makes a statement when i say a word
like sylvester the cat without a tweety bird

don’t be afraid of a girl named pun
you created her and i’m your fun
she’s too skully and flawless perfection
like crisis in the algar without the infection

revolutionary in red hot sauce
blew her away and she blows up hole
how you take care that says a lot about you
on the timeless pump ’cause it’s a motherf-cking tennis shoe

don’t you want to pet my head
stick your arm inside your bed
faster babe gets her going
write a check to bowie

f-ck you f-ck you is what i said
don’t get upset it’s not my bed
call it red

good hair is her life
like barbie and ken
like andy in tights

hi i’m jill what can i say
don’t you love the way i sway?
do it party and drink it and mix it
like ronald the king and winnie the pooh

look at my hair it’s curly curled
don’t you think i’m the prettiest girl
that woman has some mouth
like all the girls from the south

i used to be a nerd
now i’m a red browned girl – brunette
maybe she’s born on the fifth
al capone like sh-t

he junior i’m claudia a little fill with extra till call:
1900-lipstick for a groovy fabulastic time – love
i’m to it by cliches

- free kitten lyrics

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