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free kitten – rock of ages lyrics

you think you’re a loser baby
but you drive all the girls crazy
you’re not too screwed up punk
you’re a tall tally-ho
your whole life is disenchanted
take yr looks from hugh granted
you still follow all blues night
you’re nothing like them friend

friend you’re cute
you’re not denied lou, 29
hey boy take my advice mark, 22
writing songs in yr sleep john, 29
stop pretending yr a creep trend pretty

you say yr head is like a hole
but yr tune so much soul
you brought back another tour
don’t forget your four by four
get one you miss right
many girls will spent a night
stop bringing back the b-tch who screwed you
there’s a million who would do you

friend you’re cute
you’re not denied scott, 24
hey boy take my advice jane, 29
you could play guitar in a dream page, 35
is bad of all that seems steve, 29

acting like a social r-t-rd
can it really be there hard?
you shake their hands and smile
but not a whim to bear yr child (?)
state of rock is pathetic
your songs are prophetic
you’re a twenty-century boy
come’on boy don’t you know?

- free kitten lyrics

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