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free kitten – sex boy lyrics

i get it anywhere any place that i can (?)
others fat men talk while they slip their man (?)
i’m not a reverant till it lie (?)
is one trick swoop a pleasuring guy (?)
single shot (?)
dozen girls (?)
are off the street (?)
six pack strong (?)
you caught my head (?)
send another bill (?)
you better may take me (?)
comeneremenism mine (?)

take in what every place that i can (?)
others fellows hurt a flip with men (?)
i not a reverent man till the others die (?)
electric tooth a master of crime (?)
look right now
here we come
got to get going
what a slum (?)
you say these things (?)
s-x boy pusher got so for us (?)
such a sweet, sweet, sweet crown (?)

i get it anywhere any place that i can
another fat man say a superman (?)
i learned what it takes to last around you (?)
work any time and time again too (?)
i know what it takes to satisfy you
that’s why
in your house
up for tune (?)
take it from you
from behind
and you and you and you
come a little closer

- free kitten lyrics

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