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free kitten – strawberry milk lyrics

just her day (yesterday?) action set the girl to the attraction
is a natural refraction, yr affection
say it ain’t so, you got the dough
you’ve got the looks, i’ve got the hooks
it’s the difference between will and yr p-ssion
in the future, it’ll never happen
i’ll never die, you’ll never lie
oh my my, oh my my
[stwaberry milk was a fantasy
livin’ at the top of the open tree
n-body around just you and me
looking as far as we could be]
woke up next day, the attraction was armed
said, “i’m not a feminist i’m a boy who’s been wrong”
“partly in such,” he said with a flare,
“i’m gonna sit here, and watch you bare.
i must be fair, i’m so complex, do nothing but weep,
and shuffle my feet, until you’ve fallen in love with my cheek”
turned down his heel and ambled away

- free kitten lyrics

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