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fried rice – ode to joe pt. 1 lyrics

you are but a young child
it is late on the night before christmas
and you, with your youthfulness, are kept awake
anxious for presents to come on christmas day

so you decide to get out of bed to see if santa has come yet
you walk in the darkness of your house
only illuminated by the lights of the christmas tree
you look under the tree, but you see no presents

you decide to make your way to the kitchen to get a gl-ss of water
you turn around to make your way back to your room after you get your drink
but then you see him

joe papermaker
with his hands on his hips
his lips puckered
and his eyes focusing directly into yours

he grabs you and turns you around
and bends you over the kitchen table
he fills your -sshole with his creamy, delicious peppermint joe-yo surprise
penetrating your b-tthole and sending shivers through your spine
as you feel the joe-yo melt inside

do you accept his gift
do you have papermaker pride

- fried rice lyrics

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