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fried rice – wii sports lyrics

wii sports is my f-cking life

[verse 1]
i tied a wii remote to my d-ck so i play
wii sports, every single day, no it’s not f-cking g-y to
jack it and jerk off
and have a big circlejerk-off
and get a new high score
and f-ck you in the -ss
to beat you in a boxing match, you wh-r-
i’m the best at wii sports

[verse 2]
i got a wiimote on my d-ck, hope it’s making you sick
hit a new high score, pitchin digital baseb-lls
you can hear the cheering echoing through the halls
and with my two spare hands i’m grabbing on your b-lls

remember the safety strap, for keeping it on right
the living room tonight is a beautiful sight
playing this wii games childlike alike with my erection spike
and soon enough you’ll hear the announcer yell “strike!”

get this p-ss and splooge on the wii balance boards
and at the rate we’re going, you can never be bored

- fried rice lyrics

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