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g-eazy feat. dj carnage – loaded (bonus track) [feat. dj carnage] lyrics


loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded

1-1-1-1-1, 2, 3, 4 bring some hoes and pour some mo
creez so clean should i floss it yo
i really don’t know but i’m creezin ho
i got b-tches, i got hoes
i got blocks, i got dough
i got b-tches, pullin’ switches
on the block didn’t you know
i be stunting, 100
vans on, my-my pockets chunky (stupid chunky)
wh-white b-tch, snap back
d-dumb rich, with a tight -ss
kush-kush-kush up in the air, but my lungs clean
i got a white b-tch, i call her baby lean
cause she smokes that purple, that purple flower
she sucks my d-ck
every f-cking hour

my n-gg-s
loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded
yeah, my n-gg-s
loaded, loaded, loaded, loaded

i’m too drunk to walk, let’s drive
i got b-tches with me all night
and the party don’t start ’til the drugs arrive
she took a dive
i don’t lie about sh-t, i don’t shuck and jive
watchin hoes kiss hoes got it up to five
hollywood lesbos, mulholland drive
b-b-ba-bad b-tches, everywhere i look
this is not your beat no more bro, you must be mistook
i’mma-i’mma very bad man, i’m captain g-g-g-g-got that dapper look, i’m banging bridget after brooke
cause actin’ swill get your girlfriend smashed and took
when she gave me that nasty look, in came the p-ssy crook
now we do what we want, you can have her after
she kept saying g-eazy is her favorite rapper

call me jimmy cane, jimmy’s on pipe comma
forty rocks in my ring, stone cold steve stunna
yeah n-gg-, yeah i’m stuntin’ hard
and i’m stuntin’ clean and i’m stuntin’ bruh
loaded off that ciroc, goose, perri, and that cat bruh
g-g-g-g-gone, yeah n-gg- i’m tippin’
with thick pretty white hoes and they all buckin’ and lickin’
young-young n-gg-, yeah i’m goosed up
forty hoes and they juiced up
young nig-young n-gg-, yeah i’m goosed up
forty hoes and they juiced up
purple chain, tippin’ man
thirty racked yeah you know the name
(d-mn thirty, is that gold in your mouth?)
na that’s copper b-tch
hoes love to suck a d-ck
chubby n-gg- stay chubby rich
only eat that foreign sh-t, that lobster n-gg- with that b-tter d-ck

- g eazy feat dj carnage lyrics

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