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g.t. – used to hit road lyrics


used to hit the road
ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
twenty bag racks and each sold (for real)
prayin’ that i make it home

i used to hit the road, me, rio cookin’ wiggles (ask him)
now i’m really gettin’ money, cut the monkey out the middle (i did)
it ain’t no babies in the spot, but every day, we babysittin’
we all got two+fifty on us, it’s four n+ggas, that’s a million (brrt)
two cartier love bracelet, plain presi’, i’m just chillin’ (chillin’)
i’m in vegas iced up, bickin’ back with the dealer (c’mon)
when it was time to eat, i gave all them n+ggas dinner (i did)
i knew i wanted to ball back whеn timo rode on spinners (then)
pеarl white paint, white flakes, it look like yay
i can see it like it happened yesterday, i was in ninth grade (i was)
i remember savin’ all my money just to buy some yay
i was ’round the corner, my friends was in the crib playin’ the game (for real)
i grew up ’round them older n+ggas, they seasoned a young n+gga with the game (yeah)
you grew up ’round them other n+ggas and all them n+ggas super lame (for real)
i hop in 2022 whip and i switch the lane
my k!llers should play the heavy metal, all they do is bang
i ain’t even ask the price, i just cashed out (ayy, ayy)
i’m a f+ckin’ eastside chedda boy like wipeout (yeah, yeah)
n+gga, i’ll spend a hundred thousand, get you wiped out (grrt, grtt)
i’m leanin’, feelin’ like the old weezy, n+gga, lights out (shh)
i’m louis’d down to my sock
next day, i’m prada’d to my hat, what you know ’bout that? (n+gga)
the anniversary ain’t got a diamond, it’s still sixty flat (them racks)
used to beat the 10 down, me, yodie, face, and pat
ridin’ with this— that i make it back
now every time they see us, two foreigns back+to+back (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
came a long way from hittin’ the road with my sixty pack (i did)
if i lead you to the water, you gotta drink it, ain’t no piggyback (it ain’t, ayy)
ayy (yeah)
ayy (h+llo?)
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, n+gga
motion (dad, can i try to rap?)
huh? (dad, can i try to rap?)
tell them n+ggas who you is, dog (oh)
yeah, what’s your name?
flat out
it’s up (let me see if i can make—)
keep that