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g-unit – album version (edited) lyrics


“g’d up”

ain’t it amazing how crazy the hood dun made me feel like my emotions are froze i stay “g’d up”, its
the things the i dun seen and the sh-t i’ve been through that made my heart turn cold i stay
“g’d up”, i’m a gangster you find out for sure if you ever step on my toes i stay “g’d up”, when i’m
hangin’ out the window with that ak filling you punk -ss with holes

50 cent

cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, i’m new on that greyhound from ny to the carolina, paper
chase different name, same face don’t catch a case, my road dogs on parole his baby girl’s 4 years
old, we play the block pistol cop, you could shoot or get shot kill you for your crack spot take
everything your -ss got, semi-automatics spray, bust back or run away, n-gg-s talking in the
hood we’ll handle this another day, in november you make my sh-t, you should be dead, if you can catch a
christmas, i’ll send you a gift, n-gg-s will come and leave your -ss twisted, them hollow tips sh-lls
burn baby burn, see n-gg-s get merked up, and babies born make the world turn, i’ve seen it all crystal
clear so i keep my pistol near, hearts never full of fear homie i stay well aware of what’s going
around me motherf-ckers want me dead i go with a smile on my face, when it’s my time kid

lloyd banks

lil n-gg- i dun paved the way, you all should thank e’m, but if you think otherwise bring you boy over
here so i could spank e’m, i’ll put a end to your career b-tch (b-tch), before you speak on 50, buy
forty in a spare clip, these n-gg-s g-ssed up getting to used to rap like i won’t give
them more blood clots than super cat, n-gg-s will sn-tch you i’m like a bat catcher i’ll give ’em
signs and they’ll throw something at you, round here n-gg-s die off hydro and even when it ain’t the
4th of july it sound like pyro, you smart enough to creep and lay your dumb brains down the pound will
spin you down like the young james brown (yeah) i know i’m hot but hey (hey) i’m icy to rocks will
hit you from a block away like a beat from dr. dre we takin’ over this year case the soldiers is
here everyone knows it’s a scare (yeah)!

young buck

my popa never bothered to show me what it was to be a man he just pop another bottle and smoke
up a half a gram, i would hop in my impala and ride all through the night that gave my homeboy
life so when you do it do it right, my fingernails still filled with cocaine residue, i still got
the heart to go bust me ahead or 2 (for sure) no other solution you think we hollering and hooptin’
until you wake up and you gotta here about these shootings, i take a bullet from mah vooz and put the
clip in my pocket before i take another bullet i’m gonna pull it and pop it (bllaaatt) and if
it’s beef my n-gg- then let your guns do the talkin’ the graveyard has got plenty room for a
coffin (ha ha) they say we responsible for boosting the crime rate they say we the reason these
young n-gg-s is buying weight but i’m gonna keep this glock on my waist till my dyin’ days it’s
“nothing but a g thang” g-unit and dr. dre