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gabe ‘nandez – haul lyrics


hauling -ss, it’s time to go yo i’m flooring the gas
that’s right i’m g-ssed, you already know i got asthma attached
ashma attack,you don’t know half of my past
you ain’t wrote half of my raps
i be in the dojo pacing on dolo
trynna take old scrolls back to the shack
high school we was rolling blunts in the back
my school roll through lunch in a pack
old school we got in the cyphe if you whack
and you get in the cyphe then you better not rap
i don’t need to f-ck shorty i don’t need -ss
you could take your -ss to somebody who asked

i been a sucker for too long forget it
don’t do me no favors i don’t need no credit
n-gg- charge that debit at the store than i jetted
only get better yeah it’s all being measured
harai goshi to your arm forget it
my technique is strong i stomp on you peasants

i don’t know where to start now
it get cold in my heart now
i get warm in the dark clouds
middle of the eye of the storm when i come round

the sun rise in the east, then it sets in the west
a man rise on his feet gets up when he’s down when he’s down it’s a test
you are not allowed in my chambers
turn around and go back to where you came from
i don’t ever wanna see a clown in my kingdom
suckas wanna come hang around cause of income

top down in the rubicon jeep
face up mowing ground over all the concrete
lawnmower is the sound going over all beats
staying sober so the crown slowly coming towards me

top down in the rubicon jeep
face up black clouds rolling over concrete
blacked up black clowns all the crowds come see
packed up black dust all within my arms reach

black clowns in the rubicon jeep
black clouds that loud yeah the speakers on fleek
all the evil in the people seeping into what you read
all that’s breathing isn’t equal if you look at you see

i don’t know if i should tell you how i feel if i did i think you’d start to wonder why
i could tell you haven’t been through a lot of live sh-t just be looking at your eyes
zero carrots on the wrist, what you know about this, go to sleep make a wish
imma catch you in your dreams it’s exactly what it seems when i catch you on the fip
motherf-ckers try to tell me how to act
f-ck that, get your whole front pushed back
what’s that, heart attack rap take a nap
matter fact you a little fat, take a lap
facts, watch your whole turn black
black, middle of the night turn back
laugh, funny how a p-ssy n-gg- act
it’s money over here so these p-ssy n-gg-s rap
my raps go ratatatat
i ain’t trynna chat with you need a tic tac
chilling in the kitchen chick sitting on my lap
f-cking with my vision she a kitten i’m a cat