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gabriel castrejon – picture perfect lyrics



verse 1 (gabriel):
can’t see the beauty in your eyes
makes me wanna say oh my
but when you cry it makes me wanna sigh
i won’t even lie it makes me wanna die
i’m laying in my bed wishing i was dead
then you talk
my life starts to walk
i start to live how i should
acting how i would
when i was with you
if youd love me then id love you too
verse 2 (ur6iel):
i think im losing my privacy in this vacancy by myself
none of the proper pills are going to restore my health
find out about the other girl
i thought it was alrеady done
the thing about the othеr girl was i couldn’t forget her smell
if you couldn’t already tell dealing with me is like h+ll
uncle was in the hospital bed i was praying he’d get well
f+ck college i rather do my own sh+t
not be a student stuck in a cell
stuck in a cell with no bell
but i prevail
what you do?
i dont know anything
i dont got a clue
im just living it day by day
im just happy today that the sky is blue
i would never wanna work for somebody
and just be a tool



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