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galliano – jazz lyrics


jazz when i talk
jazz like a hawk
keepin’ watch from the skies
jazz to be free
jazz i can see
in my h-llo and goodbyes

jazz has a history
jazz has a mystery
promises more to tech
jazz wets my tears
catalogues my years
and clings to soul like a leech
jazz in me cryin’ in the sighin’
and the dyin’
and i’m floating on a mid summers
in the midst of the smoke
on the lyrics i choke
jazz the peoples’ melodies
jazz smell bad safe sorry and sad
a woman walking out of the dark
she looks my way and i pray
as dawn sets over the park
jazz all around in every sound
jazz all the music that we make
say i’m playing the game insanely sane
taste poison of the snake
jazz how i love jazz
jazz is a h-rn to the truth sworn
held in a young brother’s hand
say the line is long
and the jazz is strong
it’s a rock in the shifting sand
jazz is a smile
jazz versatile
jazz is the violence in my street
soundtrack the game insanely sane
jazz whispers how i can cheat
jazz is a sound born underground
jazz is a black ace in the pack
jazz is a blast of future present
and past
jazz pushes and pulls me back
speak generations with innovations
it’s all about expression
50 or 19 tell the truth c
it’s all about expression
jazz was there in the night air
and down on a fulham estate
turntable technics hip hop dub licks
jazz mix and lives out it’s fate
jazz, how i love jazz
jazz is what