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game – five lyrics


[verse 1: game]
jogging my memory, the doc-mentary
killed that in a drop top john kennedy
had to rap… like it was telling me
the old me ain’t got sh-t…
n-gg- i’m finna be still repping the letter b
what if it was the n-gg- that dre signed instead of me
would i be starving or studying at harvard
or would i be a dog of a another f-ckin’ pedigree
take away me, take away the su-woo
take away the gangstar like hip-hop couldn’t…
pull up in that new coupe
take away your girl run her choo choo
then put it on worldstar, or youtube
yo tune’ what it do
got some b-tches in the lobby and i’m bout to send them through
i’m kobes rings n-gg- who the f-ck is you
not the n-gg- with five b-tches sitting in the coupe

[hook: chris brown]
five, got jacksons in my pocket and i’m feelin’ like a jackson
five, i’m robbin’, ya i’m ballin’, got me feelin’ like i’m in the fab 5
for as long as i live… five
like mj in game five

[verse 2: lil wayne]
i got five on it
five short, young tune in this b-tch f-ck 5-0
n-gg- play the 4-5 if i have an issue
beat your -ss black and blue with a bag of nickels
i’m a g, do somethin ’bout it
you ain’t half of me, you ain’t 500 thousand, n-gg-
and my red bone, 5-5
no hand slapped, but i’m high five
yeah get with the game or play the sidelines
i dream to get the cover of high times
now take 5 paces
and try to guess the color of my shoelaces, red, b-tch
yeah, i’m on my high horse
now the sky mad at me cause i stole five stars
got some freaks in the living room gettin’ it on
and they ain’t leavin’ til five in the morn’
yeah, young tunechi, b-tch!