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gang of mice – i am in my prime lyrics


intro (jimmy fallon):
here is hannah gadsby in nanette

(hannah gadbsy)
i don’t even like the flag
there i’ve said it

i’m at the micky d’s i’m lovin it
gluttonous as a dutton is
smokin on some doobies baby i don’t need a governess
gang of jews we need a vice article to cover this
imma p-ss around the bread; these b-tches take a covenant
i’m ’bout to kick desantis out the f-ckin government
i’m ’bout to go banana bread so p-ss the b-tter b-tch
i’m jameis winston ’bout to read the f-ckin coverage
i’ll give your book a chance, but chance gon’ have to color it
exonerate sakurai for the d-mn pirhanna plants
i’d rather watch a star is born and see madonna dance
i feel like dutton; get the honda with a hundred bands
papaya dog i get a sausage with some condiments
i am in my prime
workin’ with iambics but i spy a little rhyme
i’ll toss you in the d-mn incinerator; feelin like inceneroar
sippin on some fireball that cinnamon could sin some more
sing a little cinema
sing a little stevie nicks
see a cinnabon and salivate up at the creaminess
singin’ like sinatra munchin on some d-mn ricotta cheese
wit’ a jaxow on a hammock down in labadee
this will have to do in this economy
didn’t dress for halloween
i just took a rift and ate some collard greens
i just flipped a switch ya b-tch
stop rappin bout tisch ya b-tch
rap about your struggle? you should check your f-ckin privilege!
i’m livin’ every week like chicken week
i’m on a plane and this baby he won’t stop kickin’ me
these solo tracks are gettin’ old though
i see a johnny and i stick him like it’s pogo
he tell me “yes papa”
i tell him “slap today”
i think that curry’s better but i f-ckin fap to klay
you know that mac is g-y?
he singin’ sondheim
they better nerf this
d. va online

(outro) online. ay