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gangrene army – hidden track lyrics


[verse 1: man$a]
i said these, zanerobe’s feel nice on my legs
the yeezy roshe’s feel nice on my feet, run the streets
on pandora, i’m getting paid to speak
now they understand the hustle
yung man$a don’t sleep
the way my voice is riding over these beats
they can’t handle him like yao ming, 7 feet no (no handles!)
they got this on repeat like the heat
the land of the free, but we ain’t free nah
now listen up, man i’m tryna make some money
so i can marry a chick that was born rich
& stand at 5′ 6″
i walk the streets & foreigners be staring at my kicks
they check me out but i’m busy counting chips
but they don’t know about the fashion
i’m influenced by the rari
& the checks that i’ll be cashing in the future
i do this music with a p-ssion
i’m influenced by the mazi
& the beats that i’m slapping in my computer

[verse 2: messiah]
i got this gold on my chain
diamonds on my ring
expensive taste
all drenched in finer thangs
it ain’t nothin though
used to be broke
now i’m stunting though
the money kicking at me like it’s punting whoa
gotta watch out
they trynna catch me slipping
now i’m dipping
murder the booth
i am the truth
the young is so dumb and i’m here for the youth
this generation, it needs some motivation
so i’m working everyday i never take vacation
i’m just saying
if you want some of this life, you can get it
the money’s everywhere
acc-mulating foreign digits
foreign girls foreign whips
it’s just how i’m living
yo girl is my footrest whenever i be sitting
this that gangrene, supreme team, ep
sp-ced life is the team act like you don’t know me
it’s $waggy-d & messiah
you claim you better you lying
yo music sucks but at least you trying

[verse 3: beezy]
said i’ve been gone, but keeping my game tight
eating them haters like great white
burning the mic when i’m up in the booth
pull up the phantom & look at the shoes
like d-mn, that’s motivation right there
that’s the type of sh-t to go buy a mic
& try to be me right there, right there, right there
said he balling hard it’s not fair
his one verse on that one song go hard man i swear
pockets full of cabbage i’m dope
staying clean like soap
said she would but she won’t
you know we gangrene we some pros
i’m like mj that goat
i can see for miles with this scope
if you want it come get it giiirl
don’t let me get in my zone
now put your contact in my phone
& let me call you up when your alone
if you with it then i’m with it
let me, let me take you back to my home
like okay
tell that bs olé
said your man is on guard
tell him touché
money long in my bank
& i’m known to making it rain
if you like that then stay, okay