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gather – domestification lyrics


what “order” is being maintained here? to whose benefit
are these laws for? each situation not taken into
account, so a racist cl-ssist s-xist inst-tution of
forms. womyn in prisons for self defense, kills her
abuser, she finally fights back. or a resistant -ssistant
to a forceful man, but “battered womyn’s syndrome must be
a myth”. and so her punishment will be more harsh because
she’s stepped out of her p-ssive role. of her own life,
she van never have control. stay helpless, don’t try to
break the mold. enforcement of a random “norm”
established by people i couldn’t dispise more. prisons
punish the desperate and those who refuse to conform, to
uphold this system’s sh-t, anyone who rejects it is a
suspect. but crimes themselves are rarely the problem,
they’re jsut symptoms of a culture gone terribly wrong.
laws create a dependece on the state, they prevent us
from taking matters into our own hands. meanwhile the
m-ss murderers, environmental destroyers, ceo’s and tehir
corporations remain free, their actions unpunished.
prisons never worked in the past, try something new. when
will we take back our autonomy? when will we set
ourselves free?