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ghostess – pick up the book lyrics


the midnight hour starts to fade
but yet i lie awake
wondering why my brain’s delayed
to notice soon that dawn will break
the only thing i dread today
as the minutes slip away
that my bare feet with have the ch-r-
of waking up to a cold floor

you try to make me stay
i’ll have hopped a train
before you notice that i’ve gone
my shoes rest on the floor but how long
until i’m walking out that door and i’m travelling on

came home early yesterday
forgot to set the clocks ahead
a foriegn car in the drive way
fire engine red
several garments in a pile
lie on the bedroom floor
and there was lipstick on the sheets
in a shade i never wore


i want some thoughts i can call sane
when will i ever get them back?
it feels like years gone down the drain
from where we were, to where we’re at