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ghostface killah – box in hand lyrics


ft. raekwon, method man

[intro: sung]

wu tang will survive, no no no-no no no
wu tang will survive
cause every time they flip a party
you know the party screams and shouts
cause you… d-mn! aw, tc that was the bomb…

get all my peoples, get all my peoples headphones
all of em
lay em a death warrant
aaaah, yo, show it off, kid, show em, what, what
let em have it, bust it, hey yo, hey yo

[verse one: raekwon]

blend wine, who want to win mine
shorty get a ten-round for floatin
with the richest, huh
flexed out, flinstone style
your crimi-nal pen pal kidnapped loud, jetted the
mosyin, posin for them n-gg-z up in poland
rollin wax style museum, g ’em
them richest n-gg-z bless this
like russian cut vvs’s
slide the hatchback, black were finessing this
them n-gg-z over there know, gazelle goggles
and them lottos, 88 style, throwin’ bottles (bottles)
scenario rap, rap imperial, material (uh, yo yo, yo, yo)
murderin’ cats is like that real

[verse two: ghostface]

yo come do me somethin word to michelob peep the land rov’
sleeper hold club f-ggots lay your dome on a stove
it’s like sp-ce kid, the whole world is pitch black, granola rap
dough got smaller famous team, walked up in photomat
black down, numerous rounds, boots is brown
getaway driver, this white b-tch from out of town
we love horse races shakin jakes and high-speed chases
p-rno stations, drinkin violations, god relations
90 minute maxell tapes, instrumental breaks
bangin earaches, lay my verse down in two takes
the speaker pops, the winchester rifle’s in the kitchen
murder the dj’s eyes twitchin, woofer hissin

[interlude: raekwon]

yo, he’s strong armin, manipulatin n-gg-z, scr-pin n-gg-z
takin play from n-gg-z, hate fakin n-gg-z, yo you hear me?
the whole sh-t’s like wrestling
what you dare me? back the f-ck up kid, we flexin

[verse three: method man]

this rap sh-t bust yo’ gums, and leave you stunned
pull your plug, now you can’t function
there’s no to-tal or sum to this equa-tion, you fro-zen
many may come but few are cho-sen
pretty n-gg-z want to play the war po-sin
when the ruckus come, they be the first to get their shine stolen
do or die, it be i, meta-physical man
holding court from my wu, indivisible clan
i see your thoughts and your hand reachin
it’s getting deep in this mud
cats heat seekin, for one blood
nameless thugs with aimless slugs, shootin at these stank b-tches
less he gon’ bring this above, i make switches
from the lamp i grant three wishes
johnny be parlayin, i blaze britches, then i roll
one hundred percent mind, one hundred percent body
one hundred percent soul, individual
-ssholes tend to run
from this plo extortion to the one
the next chamber, you f-ckin with the star spangler
to the dawn’s early light with this head-banger
boogie, represent this sh-t fully
like i’m constantly at war with the town bully
who want that pressure, about to get smacked silly
like a fat b-tch in spandex, free w-lly!
we on some milli, check the joint, engine number nine
n-gg-z wastin time worryin about me and mine
get your own sh-t