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ghostnaps – another night lyrics


too many nights
spent lonely in this bed
you’re all i want
to keep me warm
wish you were here instead
i’m all alone
i won’t let go
cause i don’t wanna waste another night
oh oh
don’t go home
i’m gonna ask you to stay another night
if you say so
i can’t say no
baby, can you just stay another night?
keep you close
don’t go home
baby can you just stay another night?

can you just stay another night?

it’s been a while since i’ve seen your face
how you been?
i’ll admit, i really missed this place
just so you know, you haven’t been replaced
cause i still think of you now
like we’ve been estranged
and we just can’t deny
our hearts still beat in time
we’re both still synchronized
woah, yeah
and we can’t live a lie
in between you and i, there’s always love we had
and it’s always been you