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giggs – untitled 19 lyrics


guess who’s back, the ones hardest
f+ck artists, i’m about to bombarde this (like move)
no excuse me, no pardon
make way, this is the rap sh+ts don gorgon
i’m on some different kind of sh+t
on your feet cuzzy, i ain’t got a root for you to kiss
i’ma boss that burst, rock down a bird
cops aren’t f+cking with my b+lls or my word
so i’ma keep ducking the d cars
on the strip hard, bat as low as my jeans are
and we’ll always be that bit better than you are (yeah)
and i’ma jazz this up just like the utah
i’ma keep repping the real stars
dropping the sweet bars
now this is the sweet part
popping them freaks bras
flock on the seat, rocks in my cheeks
yeah we do this everyday of the week star