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glenn medeiros – captured lyrics


captured by your love,
did not want to be here with you tonight.

but the way that you touched me somehow,
leaves me helpless without…. you

captured by the warmth,
of your lips as they softly kiss mine…..
yet all the while i’m living this lie…

in the arms of someone else.

captured by the way….
you say the things that i need you to say.
do the things that i want you to do…
without speaking a word to you.

captured by the dreams….. (captured by the dreams)
that you’re alone in the cold of the night.
how they make everything seem alright,
even though i am away….
(even though i’m)
(even though i’m)
that i am captured by your smile…

in the way that it brightens my day.
i would give the world just to stay,

but tomorrow i’ll be gone.

once again you’ll be alone….

captured by the life…..
somehow you’ve givin’ back to me.

oooooh, and suddenly,
i have reason to live again…….

captured by the thought,
somebody said living lonely
let me go on my way….
before it moves in to play.
ohhhh, ooh
before i have the chance to be.
before i have the chance to be….

captured by your love,
i will be for the rest of my life,

so now i know that it was meant for you and i,

to be together my friend………

right up to the end….