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glenn-ross – lvl up lyrics


[produced by 20grammist]

oh yeah
oh yeah

[verse 1]
talk to my side b-tch
im all up in this (b-tch)
she wants some cuddlings
i just wanna f-ck this (b-tch)
i just wanna party
i just want to smoke some weed
amnesia orange bud or some f-ckin’ chronic…
try to reach the sp-ce and put my head in the clouds (oh yeah)
imma try to make some place and get f-ckin’ high
don’t tell us to stop sh-t (stop this sh-t)
none of your f-ckin’ business (nah nah)
imma buy some tickets to (brr)
take a trip to the motherf-ckin’ states
the weather got me f-cked up
anybody wants to be me
when i’ll take your girl she’ll be screamin oui oui
dirty talk game sick must level up
radio playing no scrub
try to be the best and man up

huh that’s right
you know what i do
you know when im onto you
yeah (yeah)
that’s right (that’s right)
i’ll be there for you
when you love it love me to

[part 2]
[beat switch]

oh yeah
oh yeah
bad b-tches
bad haters (haters)
throwin up the deuces
at those latter (han)
at those b-tches i say take a seat (b-tch)
cause you’ve been knock down by my seed (bendo na bendo)
you think you have a lead (lead)
but you don’t have a clue (clue)
while you are with my b-tch (yeah)
i’m spending time in your boo (yeah)
flow so consistent (hum hum)
plunge it so deep
i need you to feel it (need you to feel it)
get me my gl-ss (get me gl-ss)
i need u to fill it (need you to fill it)
empty my b-lls that’s what i needed