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global octopus – shadow self lyrics


{verse 1: jaize]
see you later sp+ce cowboy dandy
i go where i need to go
when the times hard
how the light show
in the name of faith, lookin pearly gates
take out faith lost cause i’ll be
go play some games, maybe try to sleep
lovesick puppy pacing down the street
why it gotta be
n+gga bursting seams
this a movie scene
i don’t wanna leave
comfortability sacrificed
guess that’s growing up
don’t like to reach out when the speed slow
dial up
it’s all love, til disrespect
then it’s apathy
team a cult way we encompass everything
f+ck this passive sh+t
f+ck this 9/5
f+ck this f+ckin life
why can’t i cry
why i wanna die
top floor thoughts bet a n+gga fly
black boy fly
they say they care i know they’d never lie
they say they care i know theyd never lie
transformation change down deep inside
know i got you when you lookin in my eye
this ain’t no surprise
strange way i feel
dwindling on the past
can be an abyss, say
f+ck that sh+t
stuck behind blinds til clock strikes 5
this eternity
only last a day
snap back get into it
engine slow to start
need a new whip
type a n+gga hermit in the wilderness
pack a couple fruits, maybe a roll a spliff
take a couple shrooms if we feeling it
pack a f+cking smith
n+gga load that sh+t up