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gmgb dooski – prodigy lyrics


n-gg-s freeing wop [?]
i’m so free wop being wop [hahaha]
[huhhh] gmgb shit man, you already know how we come

i’m riding dirty with 30 just thinking like
d-mn my n-gg- you know we done made it

told me ski come down cause at any time you
know i gotta come take it

that’s why i pray to all law please not right now cause i focus on being the greatest

moving through traps, switching lanes at the latest

get money, we pop out, lil n-gg- just face it

[verse 1]
boy it’s no let up, i just been getting that cheddar
stay out with the set do whatever

these n-gg-s jealous, i rock bomays and margelas
they thinking they soft as a feather

the set is together, how is the weather
who would you weather i really mean rather

these n-gg-s funny, they act time i laughter
talking that talk no action they actors

it do not matter we robbing ak’s and ladders
couple shots straight to your bladder

you not a factor, you just a dirty little b-st-rd
rockier yeah i gotta master

gimme your visa ak is having a seizure, follow the rules of procedure

follow the line and i follow the leader
p-ss her the 30 cause i do not need her

now watch out lil b-tch
[now watch out, lets watch out,lets watch out, lets watch out]
how i pop out lil b-tch
[how i pop out, i pop out, i pop out, i pop out]

we got glocks with some sticks
if you run down my block every time you get hit

we ain’t holding back shit
and they know who’s that, n-gg-s know who it is

they be like woahhh, nina spit shots at your door
and murder is all i control

this ain’t no joke, you better not stick to the pole
cause you will get dropped like a 4

i’m on the road, she turnt up at all of my shows
i f-cked her than p-ssed her to doe

watch what you say, you know we the set f-cking gang
a couple shots coming your way


[verse 2]

and ever since no letting part 2
,everybody got a f-cking part 2
[everbody got a f-cking part 2]

and my bro 30k got the mop and i bet he going let us part 2

and my little dolls itching to blow, when its time ima let em part2 [go ahead go get em]

and that glock 42, have fun when its drawn leave them like cartoons

and i know i’ve been going so crazy but lately i feel like no one is on top of me

your b-tch wanna goal come check out my shows, and lately she might end up topping me

and you know how we rock, get money on top
2 shots they thinking bout stopping ski

but they keep coming faster, brought me a mask now everyone think i’ma prodigy b-tch
[everyone think i’ma prodigy]
[you know]
[i get off this boof and i just go crazy]
[set, set] [huhhh]