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​gneawry - ruff neck ﴾vreestyle﴿ lyrics


[verse 1]

eat, sleep, bust, and repeat
grip, d+ck, then hit the street
drip, bummy, never is neat
i don’t give a rats ass i’m tryna get the wheat, uh

if bullets get to flying they are never phazing me, uh
imma act fast olympic dive and hit the crete, uh
then i rise like undertaker tryna keep his streak, uh
hollow tips is not enough to keep me off my feet, uh

black eyed peas is what i eat for dinner, aye
with black rice that’s all i need i’m simple, aye
it’s f+ck jesus because v a sinnеr, ha
i’m inhane i’m walking dead like gimplе

stick face up, i want all the loot can’t take a pay cut
then shoot you in ya torso leave your human body vacant
then back to moving heavy loads of loud dream like a spotter, eh
then take a hufflepuff and go ghost like harry potter

oh you ain’t catch that bar? meant go ghost like moaning myrtle
i’m finna goon to her leaks cause her p+ssy wet as a squirtle
vro kana boon with the pistol he rock it like heavy metal
ruff neck jit you test me then you get popped like a kettle
aye, yuh, that’s the routine said
eat, sleep, bust, and repeat ayyyy

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