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gogol bordello – ave. b lyrics


ave. b

sitting in the russian bath house on the avenue b
no matter how much we sweat we just can’t agree
ai razminku yorshikom provodim my
n-body learns no nothing from no history
tall little sally plays with magic ebbles
dasha sells equipment to the chechnian rebels
ya vihozgu iz -n-la v astral
tam mnogo chego slishal no ne zapisal
nesmotrja na se. she. a. ne poterjal azarta
buhaju strogo kazdoje 8-e marta
sitting in the bath house on the avenue b
and never agree..
…but sally all empires fall… even trends they fade away
even complete (stranger) -sshole can lead you astray..
but god d-mn it, next round is on me
n-body learns no nothin’ from no history
tall little sally my darlin’ your panic is so charming
your shopping techniques are amazing
your celebrity erudition is disarming… yura viruchai!
yura viruchil