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goin’ places – wonder why lyrics


i wonder why your life had changed
and that mine had stayed the same
too often we had a very hard time
is that why you are no longer mine?

i wonder why you went away
i had plenty more to say
what’s going on? why must you hide?
why must you take that other guys side?

we were young and we had time to spare
you laughed when i said i wanted green hair
we always joked and had a great time
and then you went and said that d+mn line

time had ripped us apart
we will nevеr be the same
now i see it’s bеtter that way
that’s why life’s a funny game

now i sit and think about the past
and it’s funny how i thought it would last
our time together was time well spent
but now i realize that you’re not heaven sent

now i know why



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