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goldlink – creep lyrics


[verse 1]
yeah. yeah
i’m creeping, i’m crawling’, them b-tches all up on me
rebecca hit my phone and told me baby i’m so lonely
i guess i’m proving mimi right that i’m a f-cking player
and i had a lot of plans that involve babies in a baby stroller
i never date a b-tch who know about my past life
i only date a woman who be in my past life
my past wife, my only b-tch who love me for my half-pipe
hit it back twice, double back and hit it back, nice
never hit a b-tch raw cause i dont trust em’
l-st em’
and if they out of order i say f-ck em’
hit my n-gga stacy and that’s daisha’s older brother
i wanna hit that b-tch so bad i had to tell her mother
her cousin
or anybody that could put me on with her
and when i make this song then she can hear it and i bone to her
rip her clothes off, toss her drawers up in the dryer
wet -ss p-ssy it’s all pink
her p-ssy lips that i be l!ckin’ on and sipping and
kissing on just to get her h-rny
golden leg stretched out
ride me like a pony
i’m a goon, and this a cl-ssic tune
and i’ma be up out this f-cking hood like really soon
and you can call my phone and we can do it all night
and you can be my b-tch and i’m rich, that’s right
drop drop, l!ck up on my d-ck with ice
you should call my phone and we could do it all night
so i creep, yeah, yeah
and i’m with sbg and this ho’s in the cream
and my rata-tat tag goes splat, pop the weasel in the easel
with the painting on, it represents the ugly
i’m high, cooly
you’re h-rny, so do me
f-ck it, cuz now i got her calling you
say sue me, blew me
but it’s okay ’cause i’ma f-cking make it
and he gon’ keep on cheating
and you’re crying now he leaving
zipporah left me, shoo, she left me, sedi left me, rawa
amber left me, becka left me, aurum left me, mara
never cry, i never lie and moby acting b-tchy
he still be talking about like “d-mn d i love rawa”
and wawa is right next to my house so we don’t bother
the condoms where we buy them at and what happened to mamy?
and herin, that girl was super bad she had me starin’
and everybody in this song gon’ k!ll me when they hear this
fearless, goldlink, the b-st-rd, the most hated
mosaic, aye shout out to my n-gga, we gonna make it
and squashed till my mother f-cking breath leave
sweat weaves and shakichalin with palm trees
tcb should make a remix with a snare drum
shook one, bust a cap, and put south florida on the map
see i’m a mac, with a mac-10
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
back bin, no wind, no chill
i sin, for real
i push, for real
free bans, no lie
i k!ll with ill
rap mother f-cker, west side mother f-cker
la familia, i told you this
we fly mother f-cker
shout to baltimore, they showed me love like i was raised in there
i’m never ever scared, so me and b00by shoot a tech in there
i’m a young guy and i love me all the brides
young n-gga turned twenty and my shoulders dark
so i creep
yeah, yeah