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gomorrah – bloody destiny lyrics


so i see your bl–dy destiny/destiny
deep inside my soul/my soul.
you will f-ck the crucifix/the crucifix
getting right pervers/pervers

show me unrestrained your body now.your body now
i would like to see your -ss/your -ss.
i will f-ck them everytime/everytime
with a pr-ckly crucifix/crucifix.

i?will f-ck your bl–dy hole.
i spite the blood into your screaming mouth.
i?ll, bite off your bl–dy cl-toris.
i, cut up your covered with blood l-b–l

i, will bite your nipples bl–dy.
i, will cut your t-ts in slices.
i, will smash your head with an axe
to f-ck you into your bl–dy neck.