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gone jackals – janus lyrics


there’s lots of sense
keepin’ things as they are
with the swiss accounts
burstin’ boullion bars.

scam after scam,
you’ve seen ’em all
but if you dropped this monster
shock’d be who’d fall.

the young get stung
by the power and pace,
while some greasy shark’s
twistin’ bibles in your face.

you’re nitpickin’ details
and playin’ the cynic,
but there’d be no glamor
getting off at the clinic.

j-n-s, the “victimizer”,
you two-faced illegalizer.
your small frankensteins
cross datelines.

oh yeah, oh no,
oh yeah, oh no

the front page pop
makes for good p.r.
but when the price jumps up
people get hurt.

there’s too much money,
we all got a price,
but when the ugliness burns
it lights up the sky.

“victimizer” “criminalizer”
two-faced illegalizer.

the prison walls
are splittin’ their seams
while booze and tobacco
advertise in ‘zines.

the capital’s doctored
at the “cleanse and loan” –
if their clients default
guess who gets boned?

j-n-s, the “victimizer”,
you two-faced illegalizer.
what you hold dear
is fear.

oh yeah, oh no,
oh yeah, oh no

once in a while,
to let the big fish fry
they send the prices
soaring way up high

two-faced illegalizer.

(oh yeah)
diggin’ in the pockets
(oh no)
like it’s just a mirage,
(oh yeah)
he never sees nothing
(oh no)
and he always gets by.