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goratory – pig fucker lyrics


bl–dy ruins, of a pig
sit rotting above a farmhouse
that filled with carc-sses

the origin of this slaughter
came from a mastermind
chaotic intentions to f-ck dead animals

brutal sodomy!

first to go, was the chickens
my c-ck dominating
ripping through their bodies
next came the pigs, a full blown f-ck fest
domesticated animal intercourse

i feed on bl–dy pig intestines!

gutted sheep are screaming
cows udders bleeding
over tortured creatures
i’ve penetrated -n-lly

my barnyard ceremony becomes a sickened dining
while biting horses innards
i decapitate kittens!

f-cking bleeding shooting s-m-n!
over disfigured animals!

across the farm, into the barnyard,
a vision of the butchery
pigs cows horses chickens,
lay gutted, raped and tortured!