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gorejit – action! lyrics


[verse] (gorejit)
step out the house in all black
b-tch tried to run forgot i had backtrack
i keep a blade in my backpack you in my way get snapped like a kitkat
needing a restart b-tch you are not hard
popped like a poptart smoked like a cigar
catch me wherever my opps are soundcloud p-ssy nothing close to a rockstar

[chorus] (gorejit)
what you really want
i don’t really care
i do what i want (x2)

[verse] (drear)
i keep a blade in my backpack
you will capped like a snap back
i make no sound
pull up on me you’ll get put in the ground
you don’t want smoke
musket i tote
run up on my & i’ll let it unload

[chorus] (drear)
i’ll do what i want (x?)