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gotti mirano – ghost’em lyrics


now 12 long hours before the sun rise
driving back to darkness
east world chapo pain
b-tch there’s a ghost in the house

[verse 1: gøtti mirano]
k!ll a b-tch, ima k!ll a b-tch, ima shooter b-tch, ima off a n-gg-, off a n-gg-, with the sawed off, b-tch i’m on the gas and i’m on
a xan pull up with a choppa aim it at your mans, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, blow your f-ckin face off, p-ssy don’t get face f-cked, smoking on a lace blunt, all my n-gg-s get grimey, slimey, if a p-ssy n-gg- try me i be big chillin with the infared, if he try to get me ima get them dead, i ain’t getting caught b-tch i’m innocent, i ain’t getting caught b-tch i’m innocent

[verse 2: emøtional xan]
dodging 12, had to change on my route, p-ssy n-gg- keep my name out your mouth, can’t talk on the phone cause the feds still learking, she won’t f-ck on my wrist, cause it burns, face f-ck her, but i won’t hit twice, i ain’t seen a fake n-gg- once in my life, acting like you with it but i know that your nice, i just give your main b-tch d-ck, she liked, big b-tch drove, with a chicken front rice, i just hit a b-tch and i didn’t have a sprite, make her say flight, n-gg- i’m the man with the pr-ck, n-gg- i’m the man with the xan (huh)

[verse 3: gwapmizzle]
b-tch, there’s a ghost in the house, mizzle got hoes in the house (mizzle got hoes in the house?), can i smoke weed on your couch? (ugh), f-ck that sh-t pour a thang in your mouth, b-tch said a n-gg- grow up, f-ck n-gg-s tryna blow up (what the f-ck?), that b-tch so dumb, but i said, “so-what?”(ugh), i’ma be gwap till the day i die (god),hit him with a bodge shot, then he gon fly (bra), so fast n-gg- you can feel my led, i forgot to take my meds (woo), i don’t want s-x, give me head instead (woo), i don’t give a danm, what the f-ck he said? (woo), rewind that sh-t, what the f-ck did he say?(ay), reds on feds sh-t made me laugh ha,ha, scared his -ss