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graham situation – slugs lyrics


i took my time to recognize
and realize the time’s gone by
i took you off, worn you out
your hands are cold
and so are mine

i warmed you up fifteen times
you cut me off and broke me down
and crawled away into the woods
where the rain won’t fall
and sun won’t hurt
you called me up and said some things
bout how much it hurt to be with me
now it’s all alright, very fine
you’ve had some luck but i’ve lost all mine

took my time, apologize
spit it out and say goodbye
cause you look so good
and you dance so fine
and you look so good
and we’d dance all night
but her tongue is sharp
eyes are harsh
stop me right before i start

it’s time for a something
i don’t know
been hooked onto something
you’re all wrong
you’re all wrong
all along
you’re all wrong

you called me up fifteen times
cut me out and break me down