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grim reapley – ignored lyrics


ain’t never gon trip
i ain’t never gon front
i’m never giving in
i’m never giving up nuh
im meant for something more
i will not be ignored

take a second listen close i see demons i see ghosts i see paranormal visions i see mirrors i see smoke
d+mn this mf spittin and i’m living what i spoke family and my religion thats what means to me the most this the realest sh+t i wrote wheres the healing when we’re hurt i am bledding through the blessings and rejoicing in the curse i
shouting voices in my head no i cannot make it work thats an obgyn you a p+ssy you get murked falling out on top of clothes im with ballers like the show i think thst you should know you get exposed like hbo youre lying to yourself if you think my money doesnt grow its all part of the game until you think you’ve lost control set into the background with the silence set into the background with the violence i can see youre running out of time and i can see youre running