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grouce – superman lyrics


when i take my cape off, and i put my glasses on
you won’t recognize me, for now i hope you guys see
that when i go rhyme a song, i’ll be flyin’ high, it’s not
some kind of bird or plane you see
that is just the sight of me, i’m superman

++verse 1++
i get the feelin’ that n0body wants to be challengin’ me
cause i’m too good a rapper to ever defeat
and if anyone’s thinkin’ that they can come at me
with some sh+t that they spit in a verse
is bound to be gettin’ nothin’ from out of me
other than somethin’ that’ll undoubtedly
hit ’em out of thе boundary that is surroundin’ me
i don’t know how to be someonе who can be cowardly
i will choose to devour thee
on the count of bein’ stupid cause the truth will empower me
yeah, i’m one of the best, makin’ fun of the rest
if you look right under my vest, right on my chest
is an ‘s’, yes, you can call me ‘superman’
just like the scene when he goes off to hoover dam
i try to be the dude that can
save the day, and slave away
for the populace and what it is i came to say
i’m the manly p. hall of rap
i free+fall, trap is what we call a ball of cr+p
leaping buildings in a single bound, i’m… (i’m superman)
flyin’ high in the sky, i’ll arrive just in time
’cause i’m… (i’m superman)

++verse 2++
i need to find a rhyme
and find reason why my mind has writer’s block
i might as well just quit and then retire, dawg
i’m losin’ my maniacal wicked mind
the wickedest of the wicked to ever pick up a mic
i’m pickin’ apart a pickle when in a pickle
give me a nickel every time you see a person bein’ fickle
then you’ll see a trillionaire
lookin’ back at you with a reptilian stare
from his brazilian lair
i’m only in it to win it, bring on the minotaur
not in to win it? what are you in it for?
oh, what a pity, this city became so sh+tty
it’s hideous, i’ma pity the fool that follows the idiots
i can’t rap without hearin’ ’em say “again, again!”
whatever happened to people rappin’ like eminem
but then again, i might care to know
this world’s a maze but i know where to go

++verse 3++
every aussie rap is either trap or grime
i no longer have the appetite i had for rhyme
only because there is so much that is not as good as
what i thought there’d be, none of it means anything to me
then there’s all of these people gettin’ on keyboards
and thinkin’ they’re tough
they deserve a d+ck in the m+ff
you better know that i don’t care about ’em
don’t ever doubt that i’ll air ’em out
i’m prepared to mount an offensive when there’s a route
only when they approach me with their emojis
or anything will i slowly wake up to mess up a homie
i’m a sleepin’ giant, keep an eye on me, i’m tired
the answer is no when talk about grouce and ask “has he retired?”
i’m neither neither, believe it is time for me to light some weed
and think of what might of been if i’d of been
a doctor or lawyer, it’s got to annoy ya
sh+t rappers got their foot in the door
i’m still locked in the foyer