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guanguapo | kidd – demon time. lyrics


ryan, im sick and tired of you always escaping scotfree from your terrorist actions
if i asked for a category, you would say classicalfactions

ride you like a horse, f+ggot, you scream out neigh

one piece doom is bad. what’s your response…..????

you say i can’t take a joke, you were deafened for 3 seconds
you stay at the bottom because you can’t stand among legends

that mew line? rehashed. just like your trellos

the line you’ve crossed is as thin as a cello’s

when i begin rapping your first instinct is to run

my flow is impeccablе, as bright as the sun

you could keep talking, but don’t you dare

you can’t look at me, i’m bright likе a solar flare

i love when you kick me in the d+ck daddy, keep talking like that and i’ll arrive at your addy. don’t get all shy now, don’t act catty. even though you wear a big sweater i can still see that fatty. my c+ck all in yo booty, ya booty smell like doody. i’m gonna break your back, until i get a heart attack. sweat all on my chest, cuz we both undressed. you’ll be screamin guan, cummin on your lawn
that entire verse was g+y to display your h0m+phobia, i’m a real diamond you’re fake that makes you zirconia. when my words flow from my lips your first instinct is all terror. i’m surprised you can actually type without a single spelling error. a viscous liquid escapes from my tip, hits you straight in the lip, on your shoulder there appears to be a chip. that was three rhymes in a row, you’re like a deer in the headlights.. no, a doe. that’s a female deer just to clear the air, wah wah wah wah go back to daycare

i could point out all the flaws in that verse, but i’m not trying to send you out in a he+rs+. i mean seriously, what are you even trying to say? i’m going to need a hieroglyphics expert to decipher that sh+t, okay? let me hit his line, but for that atrocity you’re going to have to pay a fine. you keep talking about ego this, splitting that, man.. why don’t you think crafted isn’t coming back?! don’t step to me shaman, you’re as cheap as those cups of 50 cent ramen. i mean seriously, bro just go get a grip. i mean just stop before everyone else leaves the opd ship. unlike you, i can give credit where it’s due. you a committed host, so for that you can boast. but you gotta pay taran for your opd lease. because we all know it’s just a knockoff of several piece

ryan, my friend, it’s about time we stop fighting. i mean that’s all you’ve got after 20 minutes of straight writing? yeah.. that’s a no from me, inside your mind is where i’m living. rent free. luke is kinda sus.. he feels bad for you, that’s why he’s hyping. bro please for the love of god just stop typing. you’ve embarrassed yourself enough for one day, i mean please dude just admit you hate g+ys. your rhymes are tinged with dated h0m+phobia, bro it’s over i’ve got all five pieces of exodia. my rhymes are a fine steak, medium rare in the center. if a girl sent you a nude bro.. real talk, you’d probably unfriend her. let’s keep going with this type of rhyme, see.. each thing i say is simply sublime. for all the wrong reasons your bars just weren’t bitin, i mean seriously can someone please teach this man how to use a hyphen? anyways ryan, your bars are straight slop. it’s over now because even your mortal enemy crafted is begging me to stop


it’s over, that was bad, this is definitely the end.. i mean seriously bro, are you reading the sh+t you type before you press send? it lacks any sort of character, no actual meaning. you must have a fetish for being embarrassed, cuz bro you’re straight fiending. ryan you gotta stop, i mean seriously.. you’re gonna be a joke. just disappear dude, see ya, be like roanoke. what you said is the most foolish thing i’ve ever heard, there’s more substance in one of cro’s t+rds. i think it’s time you part ways, time to say see you later. bro.. actually, if you’re not busy i think it’s time for you to host daber

you’re still going? it took you this long for something coming out of your fingers to be finally get flowing? that cain and abel line was pretty good, a diamond in the rough. but being the laughing stock of this chat must be pretty d+mn tough. honestly, i should let you have this. you’re 6ix9ine bro, i’m travis. bro at the very best, your verse was average. you got josh saying you won, but your career is dead so we’re gonna need a seance. bro.. just stop, don’t get hyped from his words jman is just feeding off the chaos. i know your words got everyone in the chat rolling, don’t get mad this time and leave bro.. ps we know you weren’t trolling. if that’s your idea of a fatality, i need to bring you back into reality. you always somehow talk about rp, bro.. don’t you have one other hobby? bro every time you bring up one piece doom you make everyone desert the lobby. “ressucrate” your vocabulary, cuz bro you can’t spell. if they keep hyping you up.. they goin’ straight to h+ll. :skull: