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gucci belt – guccybelt lyrics


nut. nut. nut

gucci belt on when i’m f-ckin’ my sister
she don’t call me brother, i’m mr. d-cklister
i pack a fat lip and i rode downtown
on my green tractor, i don’t f-ck around
roadk!ll, roadk!ll, that’s what i eat
and gator p-ssy is my favorite treat
that’s all i got to say so i guess this is bye
yeehaw, yeehaw, something that rhymes with bye

i’ve got big, silver nuts hanging from my truck
and a bart simpson sticker that says “kiss my b-tt”
a strap on my yeezy’s as i walk down the street
my cousins like to suck the bunions on my feet
i’ve got a hairy back, hairy crack, and hairy sack
if we ever hump, i’m gonna make you quack
i like my women real plump and big
take them in the mud and make them squeal like a pig

back again, with my gucci belt off
my dadgum sisters done sucked me soft
and i don’t know where i’m gonna go
except back to my fishin’ hole
moonshine sippin’
tobacco dippin’
10 pound b-ss, yeah i’m lip-ripping
yeah i said bye before but i mean it now
i’m the redneck king b-tch
now bow the f-ck down